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Couple walking in nature

Get your legs on the trails with VoltaNatura

If great hikes require great allies, then count on us. VoltaNatura supports hikers who are trekking along Portugal's breathtaking trails.

 Walkbox includes exclusive VoltaNatura tips for each type of tour, in order to help you before, during, and after your walks:

- Tips for city walking
- Tips for Hikes under 7km
- Tips for hikes over 7km
- Tips for Multi-Day hikes.

Self-guided walking tours app Walkbox

 VoltaNatura is an organic massage gel with Arnica and 5 plants to relieve muscle fatigue, small bruises and contusions. We make sure to always carry one in our backpack! When muscles are tense and tired, VoltaNatura comes to the rescue.
*  Available at pharmacies and parapharmacies

How to prepare for a walking trail

Visit the VoltaNatura website to get more information and articles on how to improve your performance before, during and after your walks

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