Travelbox launches app that transforms the travel experience

Oeiras, September 30, 2021 - Travelbox Lda, a company with a mission to improve the travel experience in Portugal, today announced the launch of Walkbox on Android and iOS platforms, a mobile application of self-guided walking tours that changes the way we discover incredible places.

Walkbox has national coverage with a local focus and offers self-guided tours in cities and outdoors for local residents, national visitors and foreign tourists. Walkbox allows anyone to be their own guide and autonomously and safely discover the points of interest and their stories with unprecedented detail, while enhancing the travel experience and facilitating the connection with the essence of places and local communities. 

​”The information about places to visit was spread over dozens of web pages and Apps, they were superficial and focused only on the most popular sites. And when exploring, people used generalist maps or resorted to tourist guides. Walkbox changes this paradigm. Before we go, it works as a single portal in the palm of your hand for inspiration and planning. Once you pick your tour, Walkbox navigates you seamlessly to the beginning of the route by car, public transport or on foot, and then guides you interactively during your discovery, offering a rich and unforgettable experience", said Bernardo Henriques, co-founder and CEO of Travelbox.

"We built this solution with Portuguese technology and content and hundreds of kilometers walked on streets, hills and valleys by a specialized team focused on the user experience and passionate about the culture and nature of our country. And we want to disseminate this knowledge and transmit this passion to the Walkbox user community, inspiring people to walk more in cities, rediscovering what is often at their doorstep and enjoying contact with nature," concluded Bernardo Henriques.


Walkbox is available free in Portuguese and English. The first version offers 54 self-guided tours in 8 regions of Portugal, has 300km of walks to choose from, over 1500 points of interest described in detail with exclusive content and high quality original photos. New tours and new regions will be added regularly thanks to the efficient content production platform developed by Travelbox.

About Travelbox: headquarted in Oeiras and also present in Porto and the Algarve, develops innovative solutions and services in the areas of ​​leisure and tourism, with a focus on mobile applications that improve the travel experience.

Watch the Walkbox experience

Watch the Walkbox experience