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Walkbox app reaches 10,000 downloads in the first 6-months

Oeiras, April 2, 2022 - Walkbox, the innovative self-guided walking tours app in Portugal, reached 10 thousand downloads in the first 6 months after its launch.

​”We are delighted to have achieved this important milestone and are very encouraged by the excellent feedback we are getting from our users. The innovation we have introduced into Walkbox in terms of design, technology and content results in a very engaging and enriching visiting experience​”, said Bernardo Henriques, co-founder and CEO of Travelbox.

​”We are producing new tours and expanding in more regions of Portugal and the coming months will bring several surprises. We are also expanding our network of Walk & Stay partners to offer innovative experiences that include walking tours and accommodation in unique places​”, concluded Bernardo Henriques.

About Walkbox: the self-guided walking tours app that changes the way we discover incredible places in cities and outdoors in Portugal. With a local focus and national coverage, Walkbox offers an immersive and unique visit experience through an intuitive user interface, exclusive easy-to-use maps, carefully prepared itineraries with an unprecedented level of detail including original and inspiring texts and photos, automatic audio guide in maps, practical informations and recommendations for cafes, restaurants and traditional shops. Walkbox is available on Android and iOS and provides an immersive, secure and 100% offline discovery experience.

About Travelbox: headquarted in Oeiras and also present in Porto and the Algarve, develops innovative solutions and services in the areas of ​​leisure and tourism, with a focus on mobile applications that improve the travel experience.

Watch the Walkbox experience

Watch the Walkbox experience

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