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Walkbox releases new version with 15 walking tours in historic villages

Oeiras, July 2, 2022 - Walkbox, the self-guided walking tours app that changes the way we discover incredible places in Portugal, today announced the launch of a new version that includes 15 self-guided tours in the historic villages of Guarda and Castelo Branco.

​”There are a number of historic towns and villages in the central and northern parts of Portugal's interior that are reminders of the country's secular past and traditions, and still maintain today their unique essence. There is much to discover, from the remarkable monumental heritage of Belmonte or Almeida, to the picturesque villages of Sortelha, Monsanto or Trancoso, that were carved out of the hard granite of the area”, said Bernardo Henriques, CEO of Travelbox.

This new version of Walkbox offers 15 new tours with visits to the historic villages and walks through the beautiful countryside nearby. They include a total of 80 km of walking routes to choose from, with 300 points of interest described in detail and more than 200 inspiring photos.

​”Our team has done a meticulous and remarkable fieldwork by combining cultural and hiking tours, in order to offer everyone a rich and unique discovery experience in this region that is so important to Portugal's history and has such beautiful landscapes​”, concluded Bernardo Henriques.

About Walkbox: the self-guided walking tours app that changes the way we discover incredible places in Portugal, in cities and thoughtout nature. Walkbox is available for free on Android and iOS and provides an engaging, sustainable and 100% offline discovery experience. Walkbox offers 86 walking tours in both Portuguese and English, covering 11 different regions of Portugal and including 430 km of walking routes to choose from, 2200 points of interest that are described in detail with original texts, and 1500 inspiring photos.

About Travelbox: headquarted in Oeiras and also present in Porto and the Algarve, develops innovative solutions and services in the areas of ​​leisure and tourism, with a focus on mobile applications that improve the travel experience.

Watch the Walkbox experience


Watch the Walkbox experience

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