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About Us

Our mission

The Walkbox app is the result of our passion for city and nature walks in Portugal. Our mission is to improve the travel experience by helping visitors and locals to connect deeply with incredible places and experience the culture and the beauty of our country.

Our team

Bernardo Henriques

Co-founder & CEO

Passionate about nature, outdoor sports, culture and photography, Bernardo is an engineering entrepreneur with broad international experience in the hi-tech industry, having successfully founded a chip design startup and worked in management and executive positions in various multinationals. Bernardo holds a PhD in Engineering from IST Lisbon and speaks fluently Portuguese, English and French.

Bernardo Pinto


A photographer and instagrammer with over 66,000 followers, Ben is known for his city photographs that combine people, streets and colors. 

Pedro Andrade


Entrepreneur and investor with multinational experience in various business areas and specializing in Information and Security Technologies. Pedro is a co-founder of various IT companies operating in five countries and two continents. A lover of nature and outdoor activities, he dedicates his free time to travelling around the world.

Miguel Soromenho

Editor of History and Culture

A Researcher and Advisor to the Board of the National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon, Miguel has a degree in History and a Masters in Art History and has been traveling around the country since the early 90's running private cultural tours.

Carina Galveia

Nature Walks

Julian Harter


Vera Ferreira


Tânia Turner Carreira


Ricardo Neves

Android Software Architect

Zília Tovar


Ana Cintrão

Content & Photography

Alexandre Silva

Sales Rep North of Portugal

Romina Manuel

Content & Sales Algarve

Sofia Pinho


Nicolas Franze

Video Director

We're hiring

We are looking for talented individuals to work in digital media, content and sales. Send us an email to

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